What people are saying about Norma Campbell’s Seminars/Talks, Books, and CDs.

“Fantastic! Excellent book! It was a wake up call for me, as I learned that I have been neglecting myself. If I am able to follow just a few of Norma’s suggestions, most importantly to love myself first, I will be happy.

The Embracing Inner Peace CD is very relaxing, yet at the same time, it re-energized me to go on with my busy day. I highly recommend Norma’s products to anyone who wants to feel better about themselves.”

Christina Fichtenbaum Interpreter/Realtor

“Our lives are often bombarded with so many stressful things and listening to the Embracing Inner Peace Meditation CD helps give you a tool to use to break through the things that are blocking you from achieving inner peace. This CD is for anyone living in this day and age who might be going through stress or a difficult period of time. Norma’s voice is so relaxing and she really gives you a new way of dealing with any baggage that might be causing you pain.”

KS, Medical Doctor

“I believe Norma’s greatest asset lies in the area of helping people to heal. Norma is driven with interest and compassion for helping others understand they matter and to embrace inner peace. She possesses great discipline and determination, which is reflected in her work. Norma is innovative and creative reflecting in her considerable experience in her field. I have the utmost respect for Norma.”

AJ Scortino

“Norma Campbell is a uniquely gifted seminar leader. She is an exceptionally kind human being with a pure soul and a genuine desire for helping others. She has brought me abundant peace and clarity in my times of emotional storms with her hauntingly soothing voice on her meditation CDs. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a tool to help to reach a calm center and spiritual uplift.”

Paige Wu, Art Director

“Norma Campbell’s Healing the Human Heart is more than just an inspirational book to help you on your journey to wholeness. It is a wise and compassionate guide to living. Use it to help you to cope, to heal, and to move past the roadblocks that are keeping you from living fully.”

Linda Carbone, Author of A Little Pregnant

“I Matter” is a hidden treasure. With what is happening in today’s world, we need more messages of self-love and acceptance. I am sure there are many young adults that would benefit from hearing about why they matter. Why they are not all alone and how they could turn things around and truly be happy. I wish I had this as a tool when I was growing up; I struggled to find my way. I have my copy of this book safely guarded for my two children and I will continue to share this wonderful message with everyone I know. I read this book as an adult and it is never too late; it really helped me. As I continue my journey with Early Childhood Education, I will use the lessons I Matter has given me. Not only is this book a hidden treasure, but so is Norma! She is an amazing spirit who has been gifted to us!”

Geralyn Drury

“Norma’s book, Healing the Human Hearthelped me to put the pieces of my emotional puzzle together. This book made the steps to healing so clear and easy to understand. Reading her other book, I Matteras well as reading her monographs and listening to her Meditation CDs put me at ease in such a way that success was the only possibility. It was almost as if she were right next to me, talking to me, guiding me as I took each step, each exercise she details. Because of these things, and the place of love that she approaches life with, I am completely at peace with myself.  I now have the tools and techniques I need to handle any adversity in a healthy and constructive way. Norma guided me on the path to taking back control of my life. She helped me to no longer allow people to negatively affect me and most importantly, to love myself fully.

Norma once told me that everything in my life needs to make me feel loved, whether it is a simple figurine on the mantel or a person in my life. Everything and everyone must come from a place of love, especially my own actions. At first, I thought this was a daunting task, but with her help, I am now able to confidently move forward and live the most rewarding and fulfilling life I can possibly imagine. Norma mentioned that the key to freedom from our own prison is in our hand. We need to be brave enough to use it. I want to thank Norma for showing me not only how to use her techniques, but for helping me to unlocking the door to my happiness and fulfillment. She is the type of person you meet once and never forget. She is an angel of love and healing. I have no doubt that your life will be forever better for having met her and allowed her into your life.”

Chris Cook, Business Owner

Here’s what people are saying about Norma as a speaker:

“Norma Campbell is a really polished speaker. Her speeches are interactive with a lot of audience participation.”

Shakher Putambekar Research & Development Chemist

“Norma conveys professionalism and authority throughout the presentation, regardless of topic. She is well spoken and easy to comprehend. I never sense that Norma is lacking integrity when she makes statements and points. In this sense, she impacts an understanding of trustworthiness to her listeners. She can always be relied on for professional appearance- appropriate demeanor, intelligent interaction, and sincere communication. She is comforting in this regard.”

Jennifer Sheets Accountant

“Norma is very knowledgeable and well spoken on the topics of stress and anxiety. This gives the participant a feeling of trust and 

Anne Gerard

“Lovely person. Soft spoken, yet to the point.”

Maria Scatto

“Norma Campbell has a deeply rooted natural talent as a speaker with the ability to make an immediate connection with the audience. She is one of my favorite speakers and an inspiration for all that attend her presentations. I would highly recommend experiencing a presentation provided by Norma. She is a very warm and caring person, which is reflected in her interactions with others during her presentations as well as one-on-one. I am always inspired by listening to Norma give a presentation.”

Ken Irvine Electric Engineer

“The first thing one notices when Norma takes the microphone is her relaxed presence interacting with people in a public forum. Since she is so comfortable, one gets the feeling that she is talking to “you” personally and not the thirty others in the room. Norma accomplishes this effect by using the entire “stage” to roam and make sure that each of you gets sufficient “eye contact” to make that personal connection. Listening to one of Norma’s talks is not work, it’s pleasure.”

Allen C. Jenkins Financial Planner Associate, Prudential

“She is very upbeat and makes you feel that you can accomplish your goal of reducing anxiety.”

Muriel Luduigsen

“Norma has an ability to deliver polished and effective speeches on any topic. She has the ability to deliver effective speeches that inspire others because she relates to the audience by incorporating personal experiences. I would recommend that people attend her seminars and talks.”

Ken Galanaugh Business Process Consultant

“Norma is deep-feeling and compassionate. She listens carefully and draws from a lifetime of her own study and seeking of answers.”

Janet Madigan

“Your presentation was very valuable and of great help. You were clear, concise, and you radiate the white light of God!”

Sherry Delgado

“Great talk. I think it will help me to reduce daily anxiety.”

Roselyn Young

Norma Campbell’s Guided Meditations

“Very Relaxing- perfect voice for meditation, both quality and volume. Nicely guided and paced. I felt secure. “Thank you! You are very well suited to be a meditation guide. I felt something very spiritual and knowing in your presence.”

Marilyn Ansbole

“It made me more self aware of myself and what I needed. The meditation kept me focused and attentive-extremely motivating.”

Denise Froberg

“It was truly a pleasure to experience your guided meditation. From this experience, I am committed to incorporating this in to my daily life.”

Yolanda Nash, Owner, Bikram Yoga RVC

“The session allowed me to leave my thoughts, block thoughts, and let my body and self be wherever it chose to go.”

Elizabeth Rhein

“It seemed to connect right into what I am currently going through in my life- self-love and provided a wonderful, practical tool to use on your own.”

Anthony Caliendo, Chiropractor

“Norma’s presentation on de-stressing was most helpful and informative. The detailed points of the process are well-thought-out, comprehensive, and totally doable.”

Carol Dunphy

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