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Do you surround yourself with friends who see the good in you?  Do all of your relationships add to your life? Life is too short for you to waste your time with people who do not see all your wonderful qualities. There are plenty of people on this earth who will easily see the good in you. Support yourself by cultivating a relationship with these people. If you would like to meet more people who make you feel good, then why not join a group? If you love to read, you can join a reading group. If you love to run, join a local running group. When you join a group that interests you, then you will automatically have something in common with everyone in the group. This will make it easier for you to connect more with others. It is best to take your time cultivating new friendships. Otherwise, you will come off as too desperate and your neediness will become a repellent. Most people do not want to be around someone who is needy. As you make new friendships, be sure that you are getting some of your needs met elsewhere as well. This will help you not to appear too needy.


“One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.”


Do you spend time with friends who make you laugh? Spending time each week with people who make you laugh will add joy to your life. Find humor in life every day. It is important not to take life too seriously all the time. Who and what makes you laugh? How can you add more of this in your life?  When was the last time you laughed at yourself? We all do and say silly things from time to time. Laughing at yourself when you do or say something silly will make you feel good. If you have someone in your life who makes you laugh and feel good, why not spend more time with that person? Just today, one of my dear friends said that he wanted to spend more time with me. I know that he greatly adds to my life, so I agreed to see him more often. Even though my schedule is very busy, I am making this friend a priority over many people in my life, since he is so supportive, encouraging, and he makes me feel good. I have great friends in my life; however, some friends champion me more than others. I am at a point in my life where I need to spend more time with the people who are very supportive of me, especially with my career. Now that I am on a new journey of helping more people than ever, I need all the support I can get. The more we surround ourselves with people who are our advocates and make us feel good, the happier we will be.

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