“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.”    

                                                               —William Blake  

For many years, I believed it was important for me to give to others, while I did everything for myself, never asking for help. I would never allow anyone to help me because I felt I wouldn’t be as independent and competent. Then one day a dear friend said to me, “Just say thank you when someone has something to offer that will help you.” At that moment, I realized I did not have to do everything on my own and it was okay to receive from others. Even though I struggled when others offered me help, I kept practicing by saying, “Thank you.”

Are you able to receive an offer of help from others? Receiving from others not only benefits you, but people will feel good contributing to your life!Now it is easy for me to receive the good from others. This has greatly added to my life and it feels much easier as a result. Just this weekend, I was at a training seminar for trauma in upstate New York. I decided to stay at a really nice bed and breakfast place, Glens Falls B&B, Glen Falls. All of the people at the training were great. When you spend almost thirty hours with ten other people who are in the helping profession for an entire weekend, it is easy to feel a connection with them. During one of our lunch breaks, a kind woman offered me to stay at her home for the second part of the training in November. I immediately said, “Thank you, I will take you up on that offer.” Even though the B&B I stayed at was charming, I thought it would be wise to save quite a bit of money and stay at another comfortable place for free. In the past, I would have immediately said, “Thank you so much, but that is okay.” I would have felt I couldn’t take such a generous offer. Receiving from others not only benefits you, but people also get to feel good about being able to contribute to your life!

How about you? Are you open to receiving from others when it will add to your life? If not, today begin to practice simply saying, “Thank you.” If someone offers something that would benefit your life, but your gut is telling you not to accept because someone may have bad intentions, then in that case it is important to say, “No thank you.” It is important to only receive from well-intentioned people, so that this does not create any drama. Keep practicing saying “thank you” until it becomes a natural part of your life.

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