Welcome the new year by embracing the power of positive thinking. It’s time to toss away negative, unhealthy thoughts. You don’t need to carry this baggage into another year. Treat yourself right! Make this healthy resolution a goal. I’ll show you an effective technique that will help you change your thinking around for the better. 

Stop Negative Self-Talk with Mirror Work

The best way to get rid of negative self-talk and to feel good about yourself is a technique called mirror work. I will guide you through the easy steps of this process.

Embrace the power of positive thinking. It’s time to toss away negative, unhealthy thoughts. Here's how to do mirror work to change your thinking around.First make two columns on a piece of paper. Write down the negative thoughts and beliefs that you have about yourself on the left side of the paper. Then on the right side, write the exact opposite. If on the left side, you say  “I am worthless,” then on the right side write, “I am valuable.” These will be your affirmations. After you complete your list, take your first three affirmations and say them to yourself in the mirror. Do this as often as possible throughout the day. Once you believe what you are saying, move to the next item on the list.

Give it a try! This technique is an incredible way to erase those old nasty tapes you acquired throughout your life and keep playing in your head. Those negative beliefs will only block you from positive thoughts about yourself. 

Positive thinking also can have major benefits for your health. Read, What is Positive Thinking, to discover what the Mayo Clinic has to say about the wide range of benefits linked to positive thinking, including longer life span.

Positive Thinking: Repeat Your Affirmations Daily!

If you do mirror work for a couple of months, while repeating your positive affirmations daily, you will begin to believe in the new messages. Mirror work is a gift only you can give yourself. Positive thinking will change your life for the better!

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