It is easy to get overwhelmed when you have too much going on in your life or when you are doing something you simply do not enjoy. We all have something we don’t like to do from time to time. To avoid becoming overwhelmed the solution is to break things down into manageable parts. If you have six bills that need to be paid, why not write three checks, take a break, then write the three other checks? Reward yourself after you write all the checks by doing something you enjoy for half an hour. If you have to do chores around your house, do chores for an hour, take a break, then resume for another hour. After your second hour is up, reward yourself by doing something you enjoy for half an hour.

Break Tasks Down to Manageable Parts When You Feel Overwhelmed

overwhelmed woman at desk with paperwork

What overwhelms you? How can you break tasks down into manageable parts? How are you going to reward yourself after you complete each step in this process? You may tell yourself that you cannot break things down into manageable parts and that you should just get the unpleasant task over with. If something continues to overwhelm you and you do not break it down into manageable parts when you can, then you are emotionally abusing yourself. 

Life is not meant to be overwhelming. It is meant to be fully enjoyed. If you hold your breath for too long and do not give yourself a break between each breath, your face will turn purple and you will feel terrible. When you break things down into small parts and give yourself a break you will be able to breathe easily, without feeling bad. You will be able to move through the process gently.

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