Norma Campbell, Psychotherapist

Norma Campbell, psychotherapist for over sixteen years. She currently has a private practice in Manasquan, New Jersey.

Norma Campbell, MSW, MA has counseled hundreds of individuals and families and led training seminars for schools, as well as with groups in her local community and with a consortium for gifted and talented students.

She has mastered the techniques she discusses in her book in order to heal from her own trauma and loss, then she developed many more, which have transformed the lives of hundreds of her patients.

Best Books

I Matter Tools & Techniques for Loving Your Selft

Healing The Human Heart: Tools & Techniques for a Happy Life





Norma has a growing reputation for being a therapist who can powerfully transform people’s lives. In addition to her counseling individuals, couples, and families, she facilitates Women’s Empowerment Groups.

All of her groups are facilitated based on the information, tools, and techniques that she provides in her book. Several of Norma’s patients have stated that being referred to her was one of the best things that ever happened to them.

What they are really experiencing is the transformational power that Healing the Human Heart: Tools & Techniques for a Happy Life has to offer.

Now the same information that Norma provides her patients in private practice is available through her book,monographs, seminars, and keynote speaking.

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