meditation for beginners imageWhen you hear about meditation for beginners, do you laugh and think that it would be silly to meditate? The silly thing would be for you to not meditate since it has so many positive benefits. Meditating is one of the very few activities that you can do in less than 10 minutes to completely help you de-stress, change your state of mind, and help you  feel incredibly peaceful. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. You can simply relax and quiet your mind.

 There are many different styles of meditating

Here are some of the most common ways, focusing/visualization meditation, listening, static transcendence, and mobile transcendence. If you are interested in learning more about these meditations, or many others, there are a plethora of books that you can read. It is important to discover what works best for you! Plus at the end of this post I offer you my 2 guided  CDs. You can listen to excerpts from each.

One of the easiest meditations to practice is the focusing meditation

Focusing meditation involves concentrating on something intently as a way of staying in the present moment and silencing your internal dialogue. You can try this little experiment. Light a candle and stay focused on the flame. When your thoughts wander, go back to focusing on the flame. As you do this, you will be controlling your thoughts and quieting your mind.

Visualization meditation is another method

Once you are able to do the focused meditation, you may want to try the visualization meditation. With this, you are training your mind to focus in a certain direction. Visualize yourself running on the beach and feeling great for five minutes. Gradually increase the amount of time doing this visualization. This is a great way to de-stress in a very short period of time.Meditating is a skill. Like any skill, the more you do it, the better you will be at it. Keep practicing until this becomes a natural part of your life. Meditation is one of the most beneficial skills that you can possibly develop (Tweet This!). This amazing skill is going to change your life forever once you master it!

Here are two of my guided CDs you can purchase that will help you start your practice.

Embracing Inner Peace Meditation with Norma Campbell, LCSW, MSW, MAHow to do meditation ImageIf you are currently experiencing stress, going through a difficult situation, or are in need of healing, The Embracing Inner Peace Meditation CD can greatly help you. This CD is designed to promote healing and help you create deep states of relaxation and peace.  Listen to this Two Minute Excerpt.Embracing Your Intuition with Norma Campbell, LCSW, MSW, MAHow to do meditation ImageYour intuition is one of the greatest gifts you have been given. When you fully develop this gift, you will be perfectly guided toward doing what is right for you at any given moment. You will be confident in your decisions and move through life with more inner peace and joy. Embracing Your Intuition CD will help you to develop your intuition, so that you can experience the benefits that this gift has to offer. Listen to this Two Minute Excerpt.

“If you meditate, sooner or later you will come upon love. If you meditate deeply, sooner or later you will start feeling a tremendous love arising in you that you have never know before. ~OshoEditor’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2013. It was updated and refreshed.