living an extraordinary life imageHave you ever noticed that what you wear impacts how you feel?  If not, you really need to as it certainly does (Tweet This)! You can be living an extraordinary life and yet you can feel lousy because your jeans are too tight, your shirt is too big, or that sweater is still uncomfortable no matter what you do. When you think about it more, we all have that one piece of clothing that we feel fabulous in and we love to wear when we want to feel great. But oftentimes it’s only those few pieces of clothing. Why not feel great in everything you own?

Last year, I decided to do an experiment. I paid close attention to how EVERYTHING I wore made me feel. I decided if something did not make me feel good, then I was either going to donate it or throw it out, no matter what. In fact, when I purchased a new suit to only discover hours later after wearing it for the first time that I did not like how the suit made me feel, I tried to convince myself that there was no way I was going to get rid of a suit I just bought! Then I remembered the promise I made to myself. I also thought that perhaps the woman who gets my suit may need it for an interview. That helped me to release my struggle. Besides, how was I truly going to be successful with seeing what happens when I ONLY wore things that made me  feel good if I kept wearing a suit that only made me feel uncomfortable?

This wasn’t an easy experiment, especially as my clothes closet kept shrinking before my eyes. However, I was determined to be successful with accomplishing my goal, no matter how many times I had to wear the same thing over again. I figured that at least I would feel good wearing whatever clothes I had after this experiment. I truly never paid so much attention to how so many things I owned did not make me feel good. I even noticed how certain pieces of jewelry did not feel right. Those were tossed in the donation bags as well.

Due to my wardrobe decreasing rapidly, this forced me to be creative. I took six dresses that did not fit me right and I had my seamstress make them into shirts. I made sure that my new shirts were the perfect length for my body. I cannot tell you how many compliments I have received from my new shirts! It was also fun telling family and friends that the shirt they love was actually a dress before my seamstress performed magic. I even had my seamstress transform four pairs of my jeans into shorts. I then began to mix and match my clothes unlike never before.

My creativity did not stop there. I even transformed some of my necklaces that I was not excited about into bracelets that I love! As I began to be more creative with my clothes, I actually felt as though I had a new wardrobe. After doing this experiment for one year, I was finally wearing everything that made me feel great. .

Why not try this experiment yourself? Over the next year, become aware of how everything you put on your body makes you feel. If you do not feel great in what you are wearing, then donate it. As you start to get rid of things, why not become creative as I did? This will definitely make 2013 more fun and exciting! Plus, you will feel better than ever before and you will notice an improvement in numerous areas in your life, not just with your clothes.