It's important to encourage yourself, especially if you didn't have support throughout your life. Give yourself a boost today with these encouraging words.

When was the last time you encouraged yourself?

It is so important to boost your confidence, especially if you were not given praise or support throughout your life. Begin today to encourage yourself with a pep talk. If you always wanted to do something, but were afraid you might fail, tell yourself, “I can do it. I just need to take small steps each day to make it happen.”


“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”

Norman Vincent Peale

10 Best Ways  to Encourage Yourself When Your Confidence is Low

Encouraging words that you can tell yourself every day:

  1. I am talented enough to do this.
  2. I am smart.
  3. I have what it takes to succeed.
  4. I will succeed!
  5. I need to just do it!
  6. I am good at this!
  7. It is okay that I am not perfect at this; I do not need to be perfect.
  8. I will accomplish my goals.
  9. I will accomplish what is in my heart.
  10. I need to take one baby step at a time.

Yes, you CAN do whatever you put your mind to do! I believe in YOU! Print out this list and hang it on your mirror.  Take a look at it whenever your self-esteem is low or life seems difficult and you can use a boost.


“You can always create your own experience of life in a beautiful

and enjoyable way if you keep your love turned on

within you–regardless of what other people say or do.”

Ken Keyes

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