We all want to experience emotional freedom to feel happy and at peace. Yes, life will throw lemons at you; however, it is your job to make lemonade! Below is a list of ten things you can do to achieve freedom from negative emotions and have less stress in your life:

  • Keep your thoughts positive, as much as possible.
  • Take positive action each day.
  • Trust the Universe.
  • Meditate.
  • Comfort yourself often. Ask yourself, “How can I comfort myself today?”
  • Relax for at least thirty minutes each day.
  • Surround yourself with people who are supportive of you and make you feel good.
  • Feel your feelings. Writing your feelings is a journal is one way you can privately  process some of your feelings.
  • Put yourself in nature.
  • Help others by volunteering. Making a difference in someone’s life can be very healing for your own life.

woman stretching her arms to sky at beach, emotional freedom, peace, happiness, happy, healing, well-being, emotionsWhat is stopping you from experiencing emotional freedom? What actions do you need to take in order to set yourself free? Sometimes simply changing one or two things in your life can set you on the journey toward being peaceful and happy. If you have someone in your life who continues to make you feel lousy, perhaps setting strong boundaries with that person can set you free. You may want to limit the amount of time you spend with that person.

If you are currently going through a trauma or loss, then do all ten things on the list each day.  It may also be helpful to seek professional help during this difficult time. Sometimes the best way for us to be on the right journey toward living a life of emotional freedom is by having someone guide us down this path each week. This is a wonderful way to love yourself. After I grew up in an extremely abusive household, I needed someone to teach me how to be emotionally free. Thank goodness I put myself in counseling at a very young age. This was one of the best gifts I ever gave to myself.

You deserve to be emotionally free! If you have a lot of healing, then take one baby step at a time on this journey. If I could heal from the severe trauma experienced all throughout my childhood and some years beyond my childhood, then so can you!

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