Celebrate what you want to see more of.
~Thomas J. Peters

People who are living an extraordinary life have learned it is important to celebrate yourself. When was the last time you celebrated yourself or your successes? Perhaps this idea never occurred to you. From today celebrate yourselfforward, ask yourself, “How would I like to celebrate that success?” Then follow through with taking action. When deciding how you are going to celebrate, keep in mind that your celebration needs to make you feel good. I like to celebrate my successes by eating my favorite meal and buying myself a little present. During my celebration time, I get really excited knowing that I was able accomplish my goal. I take in the joy from this as much as possible, without letting anyone squash my joy balloon. In the past, I used to share my joy with everyone I knew and many people would instantly squash my joy since they were so unhappy. Today, I set healthy boundaries with others where they simply can’t take away from my celebration.

You may have been struggling financially for years. When you are out of debt, how are you going to celebrate? You have extra weight to lose. How are you going to celebrate when you are at your goal weight? Plan in as much detail as possible how you are going to celebrate each success. Do you feel great joy, excitement and happiness when you think about how you are going to celebrate your successes? If not, then adjust your plans to celebrate so that you do feel this. Do not put off celebrating yourself and your successes. The more you focus on the positives about your life, the more you will experience great joy and peace.(Tweet This) Once you get in the habit of celebrating yourself and your successes, this will add a positive spark to your life! 


Norma Campbell