Be Your Own Best Friend

Do you treat yourself the way you would treat your best friend? 

In order to fully love yourself, you need to be a best friend to yourself by treating precious you well every day. If your best friend was going through a difficult time you would be there for this friend by being supportive, loving and kind. It is imperative that you support yourself by being loving and kind at all times. If your best Be Your Own Best Friend and Treat Yourself Well.friend was feeling down, you would say encouraging things to help her/him feel better. If your best friend was upset, you would be there for her/him emotionally. 

The inspirational speaker, Michael Eisen, wrote a post, Become Your Own Best Friend for the website, Positively Positive, about being his own best friend. He realized, “the most wonderful thing about learning to become my own best friend was how it opened up my heart to welcome a deeper connection with others. I feel I am now able to truly treat other people the way that THEY want to be treated, and as a result that same love, kindness, and respect flows right back to me!”


“One is rated by others as he rates himself.”

–French Proverb


Each day ask yourself, “Am I treating myself as well as I would treat my best friend?” If not work hard until you treat yourself very well. Check out the post, Nurture Yourself, and find out the many ways you can take care of yourself to feel good.