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- Norma Campbell, LCSW, MSW, MA

Author of “Healing the Human Heart: Tools & Techniques for a Happy Life”

Norma has sixteen years experience guiding patients on how to do meditation successfully. Several of Norma’s patients have stated that being referred to her was one of the best things that ever happened to them. What they are experiencing is the transformational power that Healing the Human Heart: Tools & Techniques for a Happy Life has to offer.

Now the same information that has changed the lives of Norma’s patients is available through her seminars and keynote speaking.

– Seminars –

Becoming Whole After Trauma or Loss – Learning How to do Meditation

brochureThis seminar guides you through how to do meditation so you can experience these powerful techniques that will help you to heal after trauma or loss. This step-by-step process will help you create an extraordinary life. De-Stressing Your Life We all experience stress; however, too much stress can negatively impact you. This seminar will help you to decrease your stress in every area of your life. Bringing Your Heart’s Desires to Fruition Are you living a mediocre life where nothing really excites you? Do you have something in your heart that you keep putting off? This seminar will inspire you to take the necessary steps to make your heart’s desires a reality. Meditating Can Transform Your Life You have heard how beneficial it is to meditate. During this seminar you will experience the benefits yourself. I will guide you how to do meditation successfully. Enjoy simple, yet powerful meditations that will quickly change your state of mind, decrease your stress, and offer you peace. Download a Brochure (PDF)

It Is Time to Get Rid of the “Joy Squashers”

How often do you experience joy? How would your life be different if you experienced joy every day? This seminar will teach you how to eliminate the “joy squashers.” You will also learn how to add an unlimited amount of joy to your life.Develop Your Intuition Would you like to create a life of peace and happiness? When you fully develop your intuition, you will be perfectly guided toward creating inner peace, joy, and happiness. This seminar will help you to develop your intuition by using powerful tools and techniques.

–  Keynote Speaking Topics Healing from Trauma or Loss  –

  • How to Decrease Depression and Feel Good
  • Seven Effective Ways to Decrease Anxiety
  • Learn How to Be Fully in Your Power
  • Experience the Benefits of Meditating
  • How to Ask for What You Want
  • How to  Develop a Great Attitude
  • Accessing Your Intuition
  • How to Eliminate Minor Annoyances
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries
  • How to Fully Love Yourself
  • How to Develop  Satisfying Relationships