Norma Campbell’s Media Kit

Title:             Healing The Human Heart: Tools & Techniques for a Happy Life

Author:           Norma Campbell, LCSW, MSW, MA

Price:              $15.95

Publisher:       Norma Campbell

Book Stats:     270 pages, ISBN #978-1-4675-4084-1, Self-Help

Pub Date:        March 2013

Contact:          Diana Ennen, Publicist (954) 971-4025,

About the Book:

Norma Campbell’s inspirational and life-changing self-help book that provides the insights, tools, and techniques to help readers heal from past and present trauma or loss and become whole again. It provides the advice needed to help those in need of support take great care of themselves, develop satisfying relationships, and so much more.

The book is written by Norma Campbell, a respected licensed psychotherapist, author, seminar leader, and keynote speaker who incorporates many of the tips in the book from the practices she regularly shares with her patients.  As Campbell states, “When you are healed and whole, your internal world will be filled with peace unlike ever before. You will feel great about yourself and your life. Your thinking, attitude, and choices will be positive. Your intuition will be a powerful guiding force that will help you to fulfill all of your heart’s desires.”

Marketing Plan:

An extensive publicity campaign is planned including: TV and radio interviews, book blog tours, an aggressive online marketing campaign, social media campaigns, and more

Norma Campbell is a licensed psychotherapist, author, seminar leader, and keynote speaker. Over the past sixteen years she has helped hundreds to heal from severe crisis, trauma, and loss and has a growing reputation for being a therapist who can powerfully transform people’s lives.  The techniques she uses in her private practice in Manasquan, New Jersey are now the basis of her latest book, Healing the Human Heart: Tools and Techniques for a Happy Life. These techniques have transformed the lives of hundreds of her patients and many of these techniques come from her own experiences in dealing with trauma and loss.

In addition to counseling individuals, couples, and families, she facilitates Women’s Empowerment Groups and has led training seminars for schools as well as groups in her local community, including a consortium for gifted and talented students.  Campbell’s therapeutic talents are also evident throughout her book.

Campbell is also the author of I Matter: Tools and Techniques For Loving Yourself that teaches readersnot only how to love themselves more, but also how to create a life filled with peace, joy, and happiness.

Grief and healing are hard topics to discuss. They are painful and usually those who are going through these challenges are going through them at one of the most difficult times in their lives.  They seek comfort, hope, understanding and most importantly, the reassurance that things will someday be okay.  They also feel so incredibly alone.  They can’t imagine how anyone else could feel this pain, and what often happens is those who are the nearest and dearest to them haven’t and don’t know what to say, so they say nothing.

That’s why we would like to introduce you to Norma Campbell.  The author of the recently released book, Healing The Human Heart: Tools & Techniques for a Happy Life.  As a successful psychotherapist for over 15 years and author of several books including this recent book, Campbell teaches others how to not only survive, but thrive and offers steps to build a better life. She uses her gentle “you can heal” approach to teach from the heart with compassion and understanding.

The techniques she discusses in her book helped her to heal from her own trauma and loss having experienced it first hand as a youth with the suicide of her father and subsequent trauma thereafter.  She overcame her challenges and rose to become successful, turning her own tragic experiences into a way to help those who need it most. Norma shares those techniques with a refreshing sense of honesty and a sincere interest in helping others overcome their own pain. Norma has counseled hundreds of individuals and families, and led training seminars for schools and groups within her local community, including a consortium for gifted and talented students.

As Norma says, “When you are healed and whole, your internal world will be filled with peace unlike ever before. You will feel great about yourself and your life. Your thinking, attitude, and choices will be positive. You will be in the habit of taking great care of yourself; therefore, your people pleasing days will be over. Your intuition will be a powerful guiding force that will help you to fulfill all of your heart’s desires. This book will help you to not only heal and become whole; it will also help you to create an extraordinary life!”

This self-help book, Healing The Human Heart: Tools & Techniques for a Happy Life (ISBN #978-1-4675-4084-1) is 270 pages, published in January 2013 and sells for $15.95.   We would welcome the opportunity to send you a copy for review. We believe it would be a perfect fit for your audience.  Also Norma is available for speaking opportunities and we would love to send you additional information on that.  Please contact us at or stop by our site at

Recently Released Self-Help Book – Healing The Human Heart – Offers Hope and Inspiration

Manasquan, NJ (January, 2013) Hope springs to life for many with the release of the highly anticipated book, Healing The Human Heart: Tools & Techniques for a Happy Life ( by respected psychotherapist, Norma Campbell, MSW, MA. For thousands who suffer through trauma or loss, this self-help book promises to offer a new perspective on healing and a renewed belief in life after loss.  But it doesn’t stop there.  It addition to its solid advice on dealing with loss and trauma, it also provides tips and recommendations for goal setting, building successful relationships, living a happier, more content life, developing healthy habits and a positive attitude, and so much more.

Healing The Human Heart: Tools & Techniques for a Happy Life provides the insight, tools and techniques to guide those who need help through the most difficult process of healing from past and present trauma or loss. The steps outlined in the book are offered with compassion and understanding from a place of personal experience. The end result is a feeling of wholeness, allowing the reader to finally enjoy the peace and lifelong happiness they deserve.

As Campbell states, “When you are healed and whole, your internal world will be filled with peace unlike ever before. You will feel great about yourself and your life. Your thinking, attitude, and choices will be positive. This book will help you to not only heal and become whole; it will also help you to create an extraordinary life!”

Campbell has counseled hundreds of people and has led them back to a place of peace and wholeness.  Those experiences are what molded this book. Additionally, Campbell offers the insights and experiences learned from her own personal trauma, including the suicide of her father at a young age and the traumatic aftermath thereafter.  The same techniques that helped her recover, Campbell offers in this book with a sincere interest in helping others overcome their own pain.

Campbell is also the author of  I Matter: Tools and Techniques For Loving Yourself that teaches readers not only how to love themselves more, but also how to create a life filled with peace, joy, and happiness.

Covering topics from healing and mediation to happiness and positive attitudes, Healing The Human Heart: Tools & Techniques for a Happy Life will provide the understanding, compassion, guidance and direction to not only heal, but help readers live a more satisfying life.  For additional information go  For media interviews, information on speaking engagements, or to request a copy of the book for review, contact Publicist, Diana Ennen,

Norma Campbell is a uniquely gifted seminar leader. She is an exceptionally kind human being with a pure soul and a genuine desire for helping others. She has brought me abundant peace and clarity in my times of emotional storms with her hauntingly soothing voice on her meditation CDs. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a tool to help to reach a calm center and spiritual uplift.”

 –Paige Wu, Art Director

“Norma Campbell’s Healing the Human Heart is more than just an inspirational book to help you on your journey to wholeness. It is a wise and compassionate guide to living. Use it to help you to cope, to heal, and to move past the roadblocks that are keeping you from living fully.”

–Linda Carbone, Author of A Little Pregnant

“I believe Norma’s greatest asset lies in the area of helping people to heal. Norma is driven with interest and compassion for helping others understand they matter and to embrace inner peace. She possesses great discipline and determination, which is reflected in her work. Norma is innovative and creative reflecting in her considerable experience in her field. I have the utmost respect for Norma.”

–AJ Scortino, Business Owner

“Norma’s book, Healing the Human Hearthelped me to put the pieces of my emotional puzzle together. This book made the steps to healing so clear and easy to understand. Reading her other book, I Matteras well as reading her monographs and listening to her Meditation CDs put me at ease in such a way that success was the only possibility. It was almost as if she were right next to me, talking to me, guiding me as I took each step, each exercise she details. Because of these things, and the place of love that she approaches life with, I am completely at peace with myself. I now have the tools and techniques I need to handle any adversity in a healthy and constructive way. Norma guided me on the path to taking back control of my life. She helped me to no longer allow people to negatively affect me and most importantly, to love myself fully.

Norma once told me that everything in my life needs to make me feel loved, whether it is a simple figurine on the mantel or a person in my life. Everything and everyone must come from a place of love, especially my own actions. At first, I thought this was a daunting task, but with her help, I am now able to confidently move forward and live the most rewarding and fulfilling life I can possibly imagine. Norma mentioned that the key to freedom from our own prison is in our hand. We need to be brave enough to use it. I want to thank Norma for showing me not only how to use her techniques, but for helping me to unlocking the door to my happiness and fulfillment. She is the type of person you meet once and never forget. She is an angel of love and healing. I have no doubt that your life will be forever better for having met her and allowed her into your life.”

–Chris Cook, Business Owner


Becoming Whole After Trauma or Loss
This seminar will guide you step by step through powerful techniques that will help you to heal after trauma or loss and help you to create an extraordinary life

.De-Stressing Your Life
We all experience stress; however, too much stress can negatively impact you. This seminar will help you to decrease your stress in every area of your life.

Bringing Your Heart’s Desires to Fruition
Are you living a mediocre life where nothing really excites you? Do you have something in your heart that you keep putting off? This seminar will inspire you to take the necessary steps to make your heart’s desires a reality.

Meditating Can Transform Your Life
You have heard how beneficial it is to meditate. During this seminar you will experience the benefits yourself. Enjoy simple, yet powerful meditations that will quickly change your state of mind, decrease your stress, and offer you peace.

Seven Effective Ways to Decrease Depression
Most people have experienced some form of depression, so you are not alone. This seminar will teach you seven effective ways to decrease depression. The tools and techniques that you will gain from this seminar can change your life forever.

Seven Effective Ways to Decrease Anxiety
Most of us have experienced some form of anxiety. This seminar will teach you seven effective ways to decrease anxiety so that this no longer consumes your life.

Developing Satisfying Relationships
This seminar will help you to identify which people in your life drain you and which people add to your life. You will learn how to set boundaries, so that you are no longer drained by anyone.

It Is Time to Get Rid of the “Joy Squashers”
How often do you experience joy? How would your life be different if you experienced joy every day? This seminar will teach you how to eliminate the “joy squashers.” You will also learn how to add an unlimited amount of joy to your life.

Develop Your Intuition
Would you like to create a life of peace and happiness? When you fully develop your intuition, you will be perfectly guided toward creating inner peace, joy, and happiness. This seminar will help you to develop your intuition by using powerful tools and techniques.

Women’s Empowerment
We are meant to be in our power! This seminar will teach you the necessary tools and techniques that will help you to be fully in your power; therefore, your people-pleasing days will be over and you will begin to live the life of your dreams. You do not want to miss this seminar.

Love Yourself and Drop The Weight
When you learn how to love yourself, you will no longer comfort yourself with food. This seminar will teach you how to love and comfort yourself in healthy ways, so that your weight will automatically begin to drop. You will also develop a healthy lifestyle plan that will help to set you up for success.

Living A Happy Life
As we all know, life can be difficult. It is your responsibility to make yourself happy. This seminar will help you to discover what makes you truly happy. You will also discover how you sabotage your own happiness. Toward the end of the seminar, you will create a road map that will help you to identify the action steps that you will need to take in order to create a happy life.

Diana Ennen, Publicist

(954) 971-4025

Excerpts from the book


It is important to process all your feelings, not just the ones that are easy for you to experience. Experiencing the positive emotions such as joy, peace, excitement, love, happiness, fulfillment, and passion are certainly wonderful to savor. However, you need to process the unpleasant feelings such as sadness, anger, shame, fear, loneliness, worthlessness, not feeling good enough, and so on, so that you can hold on to more of the good feelings. Yes, it can be very uncomfortable to process unpleasant feelings. However, the more you allow yourself to process them, the closer you are to becoming healed.  (Page 24)


When you are feeling emotions that are difficult for you to feel, writing can help you to release those emotions. In order to process your feelings via writing, simply write what you are feeling and thinking. Keep writing until those feelings are fully released. You may need to write one, two, or fifteen pages of your thoughts and feelings. The more you write, the more you will be permanently releasing. After you write your feelings on paper, if you do not want anyone to read what you wrote, destroy it. Write as much as you need. Keep doing this process until you enter a peaceful state. Very often when you release feelings that you have been holding on to for years, or even some recent feelings, you may feel empty on the inside. It is important to fill this space with self-care and self-love. Make it a priority to do something nurturing for yourself after you write, such as taking a bath, listening to your favorite music, or going for a walk in nature. (Page 24)

Healing from your past …

All you need to do is make a commitment to become healed, so that you can allow your intuition to guide you along the way. There will be times when this new journey will offer pleasant surprises. You will connect with people who are like-minded and in this way develop lasting friendships. Your connection with people will add to your life. You will no longer have the “poor me” attitude. Instead, you will have an attitude of victory and determination! This attitude will help you to make your heart’s desires a reality.  (Page 29)

Stress …

We all experience stress to one degree or another. However, too much stress will negatively impact your body, mind, and spirit. It will stop you from experiencing peace and joy. People often ignore stress in their lives, until they experience major health issues. Does that sound like you? Do you ignore your stress so that you can move forward with your to-do list? This is a problem. Daily de-stressing is the solution. It will not only make you feel better, but will decrease your chances of developing health problems.  (Page 50)

Some of the most energetic and beautiful people on earth are the ones who consistently eat well, exercise, meditate, and nurture themselves. These things help to decrease stress significantly and keep you looking and feeling your best. When was the last time you ate well, exercised, meditated, and nurtured yourself all in one day? The key to making de-stressing a daily part of your life is to make it a top priority. Is this currently a top priority of yours? If not, it needs to be. When was the last time you nurtured yourself and were able to de-stress? How do you nurture yourself? (Page 51)

No matter where you live, the place you call “home” needs to help you de-stress. You need to be able to take off your shoes and instantly relax! Does your living space help you do this? If not, what changes do you need to make in order to create a relaxing atmosphere? Is your environment cluttered and messy? If so, this will only create more stress.  (Page 53)

Giving to others is another great way to nourish yourself. Giving from the heart and feeding your spirit does not have to cost a cent. Your spirit will ALWAYS be fed when you give from the heart. People who are not very giving do not even realize that they are actually depriving themselves from great nourishment. Nothing but joy comes when you give from the heart. (Page 57)

Healthy Habits

Some people naturally love to exercise, while others cringe at the thought. If you dread thinking about exercising, then you have not discovered an exercise regimen that works for you. When you were younger, what type of exercise did you enjoy? Did you enjoy riding your bike? How about walking or running? Were you actively involved in sports? Did you enjoy dancing? Add those things back in your life. Once you talk to your doctor about finding an exercise and eating program that works best for you, slowly change your eating and exercise routine. When starting an exercise program, do not set yourself up for failure by pushing yourself too much. This is a big mistake that most people make. You will only get frustrated and talk yourself out of exercising. It will not work. Start off slowly, then gradually increase the amount of time you work out. Be proud of yourself for making the commitment to exercise!

When you get in the habit of exercising on a regular basis, you are going to feel much better about yourself and your life. Exercising has the power to make you feel good not only physically but mentally. Exercising will automatically change your state of mind and help you to de-stress. Think of a time when you were feeling down and you decided to go for a walk. By the time you finished your walk, you no doubt felt much better. Exercising offers positive results! Too many people focus on how much they hate exercising. Remember, what we tell ourselves will create our feelings. If you say you “hate” anything, then this will conjure up negative feelings and you will resist doing what you “hate.” As you hold on to your resistance, exercising will become even more difficult. If you change your thinking about exercising, then you no longer have to dread your workouts. Stay focused on how great you will feel after your workout. Why not reward yourself one time a month for working out regularly? This will surely motivate you! Stay positive and make exercising your new healthy habit.

Meditating …

Meditating can help you with your healing process. It will allow you to get rid of negative feelings, become centered, de-stress, and change your state of mind. It will also powerfully help you to get in touch with your inner voice. The guidance that you receive from your inner voice will be remarkable! Making this connection is one of the best things you can do for yourself! One of the most beneficial tools to my own healing process and peace has been meditating. There were times when I needed to meditate several times a day in order to experience peace. I did not judge myself for using this tool whenever I needed it, nor do you need to judge yourself. If meditating works for you, then do it as often as you like.  (Page 85)

The focusing meditation involves focusing on something intently as a way of staying in the present moment and silencing your internal dialogue. You can try this little experiment. Light a candle and stay focused on the flame. When your thoughts wander, go back to focusing on the flame. As you do this, you will be controlling your thoughts and quieting your mind. With the visualization meditation, you are training your mind to focus in a certain direction. This is a great way to de-stress in a very short period of time.

The listening or watching meditation is a traditional Zen sitting meditation. Here you are just observing your thoughts, without trying to control them. The importance of this meditation is to hear divine guidance. The more you practice this meditation, the easier it will be to receive guidance.  (Page 88)

The goal of the static transcendence meditation is to remove your thoughts completely. Yogis are known to do this form of meditation. It can literally take twenty years to master removing your thoughts. The yogis will use a mantra when they are meditating, such as Om or Aum. Mobile transcendence involves having the ability to enter a transcendental state, removing all thoughts, whenever you want. (Page 89)

Happiness …

Not only do your positive thoughts and words need to support your happiness, but your behavior needs to support your happiness as well. If you are doing things that make you feel terrible, then you are sabotaging your happiness. The more you make decisions that feel right to you and you know are right, the happier you will become. It is your responsibility to make good decisions that add to your life, not make you feel lousy about yourself.  (Page 102)

Positive Attitude …

Now that you have made a commitment to be happy, it is important to develop a great attitude! This is another key requirement to being happy and it certainly will make the journey toward becoming healed much brighter. When you are experiencing deep emotions, it will be challenging to have a good attitude. However, when you take those lemons that life throws at you and make lemonade, your great attitude will surely make your healing process and any situation better. (Page 111)

Focus …

When you focus on what is right in your life, you will experience great joy. You can have everything in the world and be miserable if you focus on the one thing that is wrong. There are people who have very little, and yet they are living a life of joy. That is because they focus on the good in their lives. They turn up this volume in their minds, while keeping the volume of their struggles turned low.  (Page 228)


It is important to fully celebrate each new freedom, which will help you to stay motivated as you work on this goal. You just started a new workout program. How are you going to celebrate your success with doing the program each month? You have just signed up for a class that you have been putting off for years. How are you going to celebrate? When you are out of debt, how are you going to celebrate? You have extra weight to lose. How are you going to celebrate when you lose that weight? You were wounded in childhood. How are you going to celebrate when you are free from the past? You are currently in the tunnel. How are you going to celebrate when you have made your way through it to the other side? Give as much detail as possible about how you are going to do this. (Page 179)

Accomplishing Your Heart’s Desire –

Having a heart’s desire is not the same as having goals that you want to work toward. You may have the goal of losing ten pounds so that you can fit into your old clothes. That is simply a goal of yours. Having a heart’s desire has much more meaning. When you accomplish what is in your heart, you will be deeply fulfilled and satisfied. The joy that you experience from this will be worth all your hard work. Life is too short not to take action. None of us knows how long we will be here. Putting off your heart’s desires can lead to having an unfulfilled, empty life, which will only create regrets. You have certain desires for a reason, which is to make them a reality.

Your heart may simply desire peace, or you may want to help eradicate hunger throughout the world. Only you know what is truly in your heart. (Page 183)

Make a commitment to pursue your heart’s desires, regardless of any obstacles that you face. Is it in your heart to go back to school? Have you ever wanted to open your own business? Do you want to write a book? Have you always wanted to make a career out of the one thing that you are most passionate about? Do you want to try something new? You will not know if you enjoy doing something until you give it a try. What did you enjoy doing when you were younger? People often go through life without asking themselves these questions. They just go along with the flow of life, even if they feel only half alive. When you accomplish your heart’s desires and love what you are doing, you will have a renewed passion for life.  (Page 188)